International Exhibition of Symbolic art, group show, Belgrade, Serbia

May 18-30, 2019


Tiny Visions and Rising Stars of Los Angeles, The Hive Gallery, USA

July 7-28, 2018

Wonder Fair, Anatomy Loft Building, Miami, USA

Dec. 5-9, 2018


Unfolded: the Visionary Art of Nature, Kaleidoscope Collective, Rochester, NY, USA

April 28-June 1, 2018

Chimeria Visionary Art Fair, Sedan, France

Oct. 22-Nov.6, 2016

Group Show by MAPS, San Francisco, USA

July 19, 2015


Freqs of Nature Experimental Art Festival, Group Show, Germany

July 9-14, 2015


Modern Museum of Visionary Art, Boom Festival, Portugal

Aug. 4-11, 2014


The Mirador Gallery, O.Z.O.R.A., Hungary

July 29-August 3, 2014


Sacred Spaces, Burning Man, USA

Aug. 26- Sept. 2, 2013


S.U.N. Festival Art Gallery, Hungary

July 24-28, 2013


New York Urban Studio Art Collective Group Show, NYC, USA

Nov. 9-26, 2011



CoSM Journal of Visionary Culture, Love Issue, No10, 2017

Common Ground, The Creativity Issue, May/June 2017

Movies, TV,  Radio

RTVI Chanel, New York News, Conversation about meditation practice during the pandemic, July 23, 2020

Freedom FM Radio, Conversation about Art, Creativity and Meditation, July 17, 2020

Artwork appearance: The Truth about Lies, movie, 2017


Teaching Experience:


Vienna School of Visionary Art, Vienna, Austria, May 2015-Februrary 2020

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